Treasure Hunt

How To Play

Download the App: ‘What3words’ in order to find the locations of the clues around Shiel House

If you have more than one player, we suggest you allocate a ‘navigator’ who is in charge of the app and another filling in the answers to the riddles below.

Once you have solved the 14 riddles, the secret code is revealed and you can open the Treasure Chest.

Good luck!!

Clue 1

Go to the location here: ///blazing.hindering.smoke

What a creative place you have found
Where little people make musical sound
Whilst another can be found reading a book
So how many statues in total if you count and look

Clue 2

Go to the location here: ///trustees.moral.corporate

This tall stone object used to tell the time of day
But relied on the shadow cast by a strong sun ray
On the side is engraved a quote which doesn’t rhyme
The answer to this clue is the word before time

Clue 3

Go to the location here: ///factored.item.afford

Our little pond here attracts the Scottish midge
They often can be seen flying around the Japanese bridge
On one end of the bridge stands an impressive bird
What are the first three letters in this creature’s nominal word

Clue 4

Go to the location here: ///playback.explored.dial

This unexpected monument will transfix your gaze
Whilst you will tempted to enter the never-ending maze
This challenge is simple though and far from aloof
How many pillars are used to support the roof?

Clue 5

Go to the location here: ///airbase.trio.pebbles

As you look out and enjoy the view
The gate in front of you is far from new
The answer to this clue is not concerning the gate being rotten
But simply how many rungs does it have from top to bottom?

Clue 6

Go to the location here: ///even.wrenching.campfires

This home of summer living provides the setting for your next clue
Walk up to the doors and in the windows look through
The answer is the first two letters of the animal who might wear
The lucky object hanging on the back wall in there

Clue 7

Go to the location here: ///announced.nips.rejected

Now you’ve found where the gas is stored
And an emergency number that should not be ignored
In amongst the trees that are oh so tall
What’s the last three digits in this number to call?

Clue 8

Go to the location here: ///demanding.snapper.published

A little white house sits at the base of the drive
It used to guard the gate when the estate was alive
As written on the wall, it’s description remains the same
What are the first two letters of the second word in its name

Clue 9

Go to the location here: ///stunts.pints.argue

Here you will find some steps down to the river
Make sure you don’t fall in or you’re bound to shiver
Onwards to the next clue you must certainly forge
But how many miles are you here from the Rumbling Bridge Gorge?

Clue 10

Go to the location here: ///necklace.duet.ready

On the river walk from the Crook Of Devon
You find this little stairway to heaven
Where you go next will have quite a big drop
But for now, how many stairs are here from bottom to top?

Clue 11

Go to the location here: ///visitors.newer.motive

At the bridge viewpoint the scenery is humbling
And in the gorge below you can sometimes hear rumbling
On the bridge wall Thomas Tuckett’s name is remembered in stone
And what year did he fall drunk from this bridge on his fateful way home?

Clue 12

Go to the location here: ///cherry.myself.confusion

You have arrived at the site where the old post office stood
And handled the mail for this neighbourhood
You are still able to post a letter as you might have expected
But what time on Saturday is the mail collected?

Clue 13

Go to the location here: ///stretch.factuality.emphasis

As the end of this hunt is approaching at last
Watch out for the cars as they drive past quite fast
This question on the corner should cause you no grief
Simply how many miles are you here from Crieff?

Clue 14

Go to the location here: ///flattens.central.wonderful

This is the old site of the estate windmill
The tower used to draw water from under the hill
There’s some faint old writing up on the wind vane
The first thee letters at the bottom make up what girl’s name?


You have solved all of the clues.

Please return to the house and unlock the Treasure Chest.
Please only remove the items that you can eat and enjoy.
The combination code you need is "155"